Hey Everyone,

I know it’s been a while since my last entry but I wanted to write a quick update before I leave for Nationals in Omaha.

Since my last post, I’ve moved out to Lake Arrowhead, CA to work with Rafael Arutyunyan. Working with Rafael has been a whole new experience. He pushes me and has me working so much harder than I ever have before. It’s been challenging for us both to try and get everything together for this season, but I really think everything will come together at the right time. I am working hard, smart, and doing my best to fully embrace my new California home.

I started training for my season this year a little late because I had a foot injury over the summer. Although I was still able to be on the ice, I didn’t really start full training until September. It is now January and I am feeling happy, healthy, and ready to take on the US National Championships.

I will write to you all again soon. Hope to see you in Omaha!

All my love,


Adam also answered a few questions via e-mail with Bonnie Millar for Figure Skaters Online before 2013 U.S. Nationals in Omaha, Nebraska:

On his new training environment in Lake Arrowhead, California under the direction of Rafael Arutyunyan:
“I feel really fortunate to have skated with so many great skaters and coaches over the years. Rafael has definitely been such a big help to me this year and I am very lucky to be working with him and his team. The intensity is much greater than in any other training environment I’ve been before. I am skating and working out in the gym throughout the whole day. It’s been challenging, but very rewarding so far.”

On his preparation for Nationals:
“My short is basically the same. My free program is filled with many new steps and changes in layout. I sat down with Rafael to make sure I was doing a program that was going to get me as many points as possible. I’ve worked a lot on my programs so that I will be able to perform them to the best of my ability come Nationals. I am feeling healthy and in shape to do my best there.”