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TWITTER UPDATE BY ADAM (10:20 PM 18 Feb 2018 in Korea):

I am flattered that NBC wanted me to work as a correspondent for them here in PyeongChang. Doing this would require me to leave Team USA and move out of the Olympic Village. I don’t want to do that so I had to decline the opportunity.
I love being on Team USA and representing our country. My teammates were there for me during my events, and now I NEED to be there for them. I look forward to being with them, and I’m very excited for the rest of the competition. Go Team USA!!!
I actually found everything out about the offer via twitter HAHA 😂😂 2018 is wild girl

SKATING UPDATE (Saturday afternoon, February 17, in Korea): Adam finished 10th in the free skating segment (171.41) and 10th overall (259.36). He landed all 8 of his planned triple jumps, including both triple Axels (his only deduction came on a downgraded double loop at the end of the 3-jump combination) and both triple-triple combinations. He received all level 4s on his spins and footwork and skated with freedom and heartfelt expression to his music throughout. Afterwards, he was quoted as saying:
“My skate in the team event was for my teammates. This skate in the individual event, it was for me. I’ve had a really long career with a lot of ups and downs. To come away from these Olympic Games, to skate three clean programs in the midst of what seems like a lot going on, a top 10 finish in the individual event, and a [team] bronze medal? It’s been a dream Olympic Games for me.”
Adam was interviewed by NBC Olympics’ Nick McCarvel after his free skate [click here to watch] and also spoke to another reporter, thanking NE Pennsylvania for supporting him [click here to watch].
NOTEWORTHY TWEET – Billie Jean King: “Athleticism, artistry, and a Heart of Gold. @Adaripp, your positivity and your light shine through in all you do. And this is just the beginning. #WinterOlympics”
Later that night (Saturday morning in U.S.), Adam made an appearance on The Today Show and bantered with Savannah Guthrie & Co. and also participated in a cooking segment with Chef Austin Kang (2 videos are linked below).
Today Show VIDEO #1: Adam Rippon had more fun at Olympics than anyone on planet
Today Show VIDEO #2: See figure skater Adam Rippon try Korean fried chicken

PHOTOS: [click here to view Getty Images of Adam at the Olympics]

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Olympian Adam Rippon Is Hoping to Inspire LGBTQ Youth: “I Like Being a Role Model” (Life & Style)

When the 2018 Olympics finally conclude on Sunday, Feb. 25, Adam — the first openly gay man to ever qualify for the Winter Games as a Team USA competitor — is looking forward to using his newfound platform to advocate for the LGBTQ community.
“You know, I read that Aly [Raisman] once said, ‘It’s not what you do at the Olympics that matters. It’s what you do after.’ And to see what she’s doing now in her fight against sexual abuse, she’s made her gymnastics so much more than just that. She’s a voice. She’s a maker of change. I want to be the same thing,” Adam told Life & Style. “In a day and age where I can be out and myself and be open and competing for the United States at the Olympics, it’s huge because I’ll be marching alongside countries where they don’t have good track records on LGBTQ rights or they don’t view LGBTQ citizens as equals.” He added, “I want to get more involved in activism. I feel like when you’re helping other people, it gives you a lot of personal and inner strength. So I hope that me sharing my story can help a lot of people. After this, I would really like to channel that into making a difference.”[Source: Life & Style/Feb. 15)]

FEATURE ARTICLE (before free skate): How Adam Rippon Found His Voice and Became America’s New Winter Olympics Star (Time / February 16)
NOTEWORTHY TWEET: Britney Spears just tweeted at Adam Rippon, and this is officially the best Olympics ever (HelloGiggles / February 16)

UPDATE: Adam is in 7th place (87.95) after the Short Program segment. He landed all of his jumps (triple flip-triple toe loop combination, triple Axel and triple Lutz), with all level 4 spins and footwork.
WATCH his full Short Program: Adam Rippon turns Olympic ice into his dance floor (NBC Olympics; needs cable authentication in U.S. to view)
USA’s Adam Rippon delights crowd in individual figure skating at 2018 Winter Olympics (USA Today column by Martin Rogers)
Adam Rippon shows no signs of slowing down – on or off the ice (Yahoo! Sports column by Dan Wetzel)
Excerpt from the L.A. Times article by Helene Elliott:

Rippon, skating in his first Olympics at age 28, acquitted himself well with a program that included no quads but was smoothly skated and was a fine followup to the strong contribution he’d made to the Americans’ bronze medal in the team event. “I’m so happy with what I was able to do. I’m so prepared for this moment and for me to be able to go out there and deliver on what I wanted to do, I’m so happy. I’m so proud,” said Rippon, who also trains at Lakewood Ice. “I want to show the world what I’m made of and I want to show the world why I fell in love with skating.”
“Right now the name of the game is as many quads as possible. And I don’t have any,” he said. “So my most important thing at this competition was to deliver in the team skate and get a bronze medal for the United States. I was able to do that and now I’m able to go out in the individual event and show the world that I’m a cut-throat competitor and I’m an awesome skater.”

Perspective | ‘I can’t tone it down’: Olympic skater Adam Rippon speaks out for young LGBT Americans (Washington Post)
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WATCH his Team Event Free Skate (Feb. 12th in Korea): Adam Rippon helps U.S. win bronze in Olympic debut (NBC Olympics; needs cable authentication in U.S. to view)

NEWS before his Short Program:
Behind Adam Rippon’s charm is a man on a skating mission (ESPN / February 15) [includes clips from his Tuesday Feb. 13 presser]
Adam Rippon: ‘Baby, right now I am living my very best life’ (Yahoo! News / February 15)
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At 28, Olympian Adam Rippon pursues an old dream (Philadelphia Daily News / February 15)
AUDIO: Richard Lawson speaks about his Feb. 12th Vanity Fair piece that went viral [link to his essay: The Bittersweet Beauty of Adam Rippon] (NPR’s All Things Considered / February 15)
Ice Queens: Seeing bold queer excellence on the Olympic ice is a major shift for both sports culture and the broader fight against homophobia (Slate / February 15)
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Adam Rippon Is the Valentine We Need Right Now (DAME / Feb. 14)
Adam Rippon wishes you a Happy Valentine’s Day (NBC Olympics / Feb. 14)

ADAM’S QUOTE OF THE DAY: “I owe this [team bronze] medal to my mom, but more to Reese Witherspoon because she has more Instagram followers.” (Source: NBC Olympics video clip on Twitter)
Adam Rippon on Quiet Starvation in Men’s Figure Skating (New York Times)
As sports — like society — becomes more diverse, stories of human possibility abound at Olympics (Toronto Star)
Winter Olympics a reminder of what really makes America great (USA Today)
Rippon rewarded with bronze medal after long journey to Olympic stage (ABC News)
Olympian Adam Rippon Has a Message for His Haters: ‘I’m a Glamazon Bitch Ready for the Runway’ (People)
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Adam Rippon Needs to Host ‘SNL’ Immediately (The Daily Beast)

1992 Olympic silver medalist Paul Wylie, who is covering the Olympics for Westwood One Sports, attended the U.S. men’s press conference on Tuesday, February 13 in Pyeongchang and [he tweeted a photo], mentioning that Adam “credits his mom for helping him and his five siblings follow their dreams. He is articulate, using his sense of humor and relatable stories. Even got Olympic Press laughing and giving respect.” Here are video clips & articles based on his presser:
VIDEO: Key soundbites from Adam’s presser (10 mins.) (BSU Olympics)
VIDEO: Here Is Your Daily Dose Of Adam Rippon Being Delightful (Deadspin)
A medalist now too, Adam Rippon embraces role at Olympics (includes video; Associated Press column via Boston Herald)
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‘I’m America’s sweetheart’: Adam Rippon won bronze, but he’s a gold-medal talker (Washington Post)
Rippon spreads message of inclusion, acceptance (IceNetwork)
Adam Rippon and Vincent Zhou: Two Olympic figure skaters bound together by two loving moms (includes video; Yahoo! Sports)

Adam and his mom were interviewed by Matt Gutman for ABC’s Nightline (Mirai makes a joint appearance via a Facetime phone call): [click here to watch the video on YouTube] and [click here to watch an extra clip posted on Twitter]
Thanks Mike Pence. You Helped Make Adam Rippon an LGBTQ Olympics Hero [a brilliant skater, and funny, sharp, and politically astute] (Daily Beast)
Olympic Skater Adam Rippon’s Costume Needed Thousands of Crystals (Vogue / February 13)
Adam Rippon and Mirai Nagasu share a special bond … and matching tattoos [with video] (Yahoo! Sports)
Watch 13-Year-Old Adam Rippon: ‘Still So Far Away’ From Olympics (Video) (The Wrap / February 13)
Olympic Medalist Adam Rippon Gets Big Love For Name Dropping Wine Co. (The Blast)
All eyes on Adam Rippon, a hometown hero in Clarks Summit (Scranton Times-Tribune / February 13)

Adam’s Interview with Amy Robach and an article on feeling like he would ‘throw up’ in Olympic debut (ABC’s Good Morning America)
CLIP tweeted by Gadi Schwartz of NBC: [Adam explains his white ink tattoo]
Adam and his teammates made an appearance on the Today Show after the medal ceremony: [Photo on U.S. Figure Skating’s Instagram] and his agent David Baden shared via his Instagram: [Photo of Adam with his family on the set] and [Photo of Adam & Mirai showing off their medals]
WATCH 45-second clip: NBC’s Jimmy Roberts’ commentary on Adam’s & Mirai’s team event free skates (Olympic Channel)
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Gay Olympic medalists Radford and Rippon pose for picture and send message: ‘Show the world what we can do’ (USA Today)
WATCH 1-minute clip: 8 members of Team USA are awarded their Olympic bronze medals (NBC Olympics on Twitter)
Clarks Summit’s Adam Rippon helps U.S. to team bronze (Wilkes-Barre PA Times Leader via AP)
Adam Rippon dazzles with performance, wardrobe on ice (USA Today)
Nagasu, Rippon help lead Americans to figure skating bronze (Associated Press)
The Bittersweet Beauty of Adam Rippon (Vanity Fair)
There’s now clarity to Adam Rippon’s big picture, on and off the ice (ESPN)
‘Let the record show Adam Rippon is an Olympian’: Figure skater’s reach extends beyond gay community (Yahoo! Sports)
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Post-skate interview #2: Clip from his chat with Mike Tirico (NBC Olympics)
Post-skate interview #1: Rippon “highly recommends” going to the Olympics, and said that his first skate Sunday was “so special” and worth the wait (NBC Olympics)
Adam’s Family: His mom, brother Brady and sister Dagny celebrate his first Olympic skate (NBC Olympics)
WATCH his Free Skate: Adam Rippon helps U.S. win bronze in Olympic debut (NBC Olympics)
MORE VIDEOS: click here for all of Adam’s NBC Olympics videos (all videos are geo-blocked outside the USA and require authentication to view)

Adam will compete in the Team Event Men’s Free Skate segment on Monday, February 12 at 10 am in Korea (which is 14 hours ahead of U.S. Eastern time), live on NBC’s Sunday Primetime show starting at 8 pm ET. Team USA currently is in 3rd place, behind Canada and Russia, and one point ahead of Italy in 4th, heading into the final day of competition (event order is Men’s FS, Ladies’ FS & Free Dance).
VIDEO: Adam chatted with Scott Hamilton and Liam McHugh in the studio of NBCSN’s Olympic Ice show after his Sunday morning February 11th practice in Korea: WATCH his 5-minute interview on NBCOlympics.com here (geo-blocked outside the USA).
VIDEO: Adam Rippon’s top Olympic moments – so far (NBC Olympics / February 11)
VIDEO: Q+A with USA figure skater Adam Rippon (NBC Olympics / February 11)
Adam Rippon posts perfect photo with Maame Biney (USA Today via Adam’s Instagram / February 11)
Adam Rippon Is a Complicated, Outspoken, Unlikely Olympian. He’s Also Gay. (Wall St Journal / February 11)
VIDEO: Adam Rippon Is ‘Special’ on the Ice: Tara and Johnny (NBC / February 10)
American Olympians Gus Kenworthy and Adam Rippon Make Powerful Statement With Photo of Friendly Kiss [at Opening Ceremony] (Time / February 9)
Adam is preparing to compete in the Team Event Men’s FS on Monday, February 12th in Korea, according to this IceNetwork.com article published on February 8th – his quote:

“I think the free is sort of my secret weapon,” Rippon said. “My game plan is a lot different than a lot of the other guys: It’s get as many points on each element as possible and then sneak in there. … The free is where I make my attack, so I feel I will be most beneficial there.”

(U.S. Figure Skating will confirm all of their FS/FD team event participants on Sunday, February 11.)
Gay skater Rippon open to meeting Pence – after Games (Reuters / February 8)
Skaters Nathan Chen and Adam Rippon took different roads to the Olympics (Washington Post / February 7) – excerpt below:

Rippon, 28, oozed all the excitement that Chen contained. The moment his blades touched the practice rink’s ice Wednesday, Rippon made a point of skating directly to the Olympic rings at the center and gliding over them, soaking up the significance of all it represented.
“I’m at the Olympics!” he gushed to reporters afterward, detailing the thrill of living in the Olympic Village and seeing the Olympic rings from his dorm-room window.
“It’s bomb-dot-com!” Rippon said. “It’s very cool! It’s everything I kind of thought it would be, but it’s so weird to be actually living in it.”
But on the practice ice, he was all business. Wearing a Team USA T-shirt and tights, he went through his short program, which ripples with sass and attitude. His spins were elegant, and his triple jumps exuded confidence.

VIDEO: Adam Rippon’s healing crystals keep him ‘grounded’ (NBC Olympics / February 7)
VIDEO: Chen and Rippon practice on Olympic ice for the first time (NBC Olympics / February 7)
Adam has decided to change his jump layout for his free skate, substituting a double Axel for his opening quad Lutz — his quotes after practice at the Gangneung Ice Arena on January 7 are included [in this news item published on IceNetwork]; PHOTOS from his practice [are published via Getty Images].

2018 Notable News (Pre-Olympics competition)

Adam Rippon’s Mom on His Headline-Making Journey to the Olympics (Good Housekeeping / February 9)
Olympian Adam Rippon Doesn’t Care What Mike Pence (or Anyone Else) Has to Say (GQ / February 9)
To Get to Pyeongchang, Adam Rippon Had to Stay ‘Delusional’ (Esquire / February 9)
Spirited Skater Adam Rippon Counts Reese Witherspoon Among His Olympic Fans: ‘I Love to Be Different’ (People / February 8)
Figure skater Adam Rippon on coming out: ‘I felt myself owning who I was’ (Washington Post / February 5)
NEWS: Stars on Ice announced on January 31, 2018 via their Facebook page that Adam will perform on the full 22-U.S. city tour from April 6 to May 20 [click here to read his biography on the SOI website].
Adam’s pre-Olympics media teleconference call took place on January 29, 2018 — an audio recording is posted on IceNetwork [click here to listen] [[read transcribed excerpts here].
Adam Rippon really likes who he is and, by his own admission, maybe sometimes to a fault (them [Condé Nast] / January 29)
With ‘flair for the dramatic,’ Adam Rippon is ready for Olympic spotlight (NBC News / January 28)
Adam Rippon finds himself on and off the ice on the way to the Olympics (Orange County Register / January 20)
Openly Gay Figure Skater Adam Rippon On Making His Olympic Debut At 28 (NPR’s Here & Now / January 17)
Adam Rippon, openly gay, overcomes bullying and self-doubt to earn a spot on the U.S men’s Olympic skating team (Los Angeles Times / January 10)
Foot broken but not his dreams, Adam Rippon chases Olympics (Associated Press / January 5)

MORE ARTICLES (Pre-Olympics)
Still just Adam: Fame, success hasn’t changed Rippon [says his family] (Scranton Times-Tribune / February 11)
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Haunted By Nationals Past, Adam Rippon Ready To Claim His Destiny (Team USA / January 5)
Olympic dream in sight for an energetic Adam Rippon (L.A. Times / January 4)

FEATURED: gays on ice: olympics edition (ft. Adam Rippon at Lakewood Ice) (Tyler Oakley’s YouTube channel / February 6)
Go inside Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon’s wardrobe (USA Today on YouTube / February 8)
PyeongChang 2018 Profile/Interview: Adam Rippon (CNN / February 8)

Adam Rippon on Being an Openly Gay Athlete
(Cosmopolitan / February 8)
Adam Rippon talks about getting ready for the 2018 Olympics (Daily Mail / February 8)
Adam Rippon Explains Figure Skating With Legos (NBC Olympics / January 31)
“I’m Ready To Show The World What I’ve Got” (NBC Olympics promo clip via Adam’s Instagram / January 28)
Adam Rippon: A Little Trashy, A Little Fun (Associated Press Sports Outtakes on YouTube / January 23)
Did Adam Rippon Really Discover He Was On The Olympic Team Via Text Message? (Access Online / January 17)
Rapid Fire with Adam Rippon (US Weekly / January 11)
Meet Adam Rippon, the first openly gay US Winter Olympian (Buzzfeed News Twitter / January 10)
Team USA is Excited for the 2018 Olympic Winter Games! (Team USA on YouTube / January 8)
Excerpt of Adam’s speech delivered at the Destination PyeongChang Olympic team send off event in San Jose, CA (8-minute video via Allison Scott’s Facebook / January 7)
Milk on Ice! with Adam Rippon and Ashley Wagner: Olympics 2018 (World of Wonder Presents on YouTube / January 2)
Three 2002 Local PA News stories:
Video Vault: 13-year-old Adam Rippon Eyes Olympics (WNEP-TV / uploaded to YT on February 12)
Adam Rippon In 2002 [during Olympics, age 12] When He Tried To Teach Me To Skate (Kirk Clyatt, WBRE/WYOU News / uploaded to YT on February 10)
Dreams Can Come True: Adam Rippon [age 13] – 2002 Flashback (Eyewitness News WBRE/WYOU NE & Central PA / January 15)
Note: This was before he competed in his first Nationals at the Juvenile level in December 2002.

Adam Rippon’s agent says Pence wanted ‘direct conversation’ with skater (USA Today by C. Brennan #3 / February 10)
Mike Pence Tangles With Olympian Adam Rippon Over Gay Rights Record (NY Times / February 9)
Openly gay figure skater Adam Rippon declined chance to speak with Vice President Pence (USA Today by C. Brennan #2 / February 7)
Olympian Adam Rippon has ‘no interest’ in fight with Pence (Associated Press / January 29)
Olympic Contender Adam Rippon: ‘Being Gay Is Part of Who I Am’ (The Advocate / January 24)
How Should Conservatives Respond To Olympic Athlete Adam Rippon’s Criticism Of Pence? (The Daily Wire / January 20)
Olympian Adam Rippon Stands Up to Mike Pence’s Homophobia (The Nation / January 19)
Gay Olympian Adam Rippon blasts selection of Mike Pence to lead U.S. delegation (USA Today by C. Brennan #1 / January 17)

“… I’m a U.S. athlete representing my country. I will continue to share my story, but I will participate in no form of protest. I’m representing myself and my country on the world stage. I have a lot of respect for this opportunity. What makes America great is that we’re all so different. It’s 2018 and being an openly gay man and an athlete, that is part of the face of America now.”

Adam Rippon: Gay US skater says he would not feel welcome at White House (BBC / January 11)



2017 News Archive

ARTICLE: Adam Rippon’s most-quotable quips (NBC Olympics/December 26)
VIDEO: Adam singing and skating to Rihanna’s “Diamonds” at the 2017 ISU Grand Prix Final Exhibition Gala (YouTube/December 9)
ARTICLE: Going for Gold! 12 of the Hottest Athletes to Watch Before the 2018 Winter Olympics (PEOPLE/December 8)
VIDEO: Skate America NBC Interview Clip Post-Free Skate (Instagram/November 25)
ARTICLE: Despite “Cursed Ice,” Nathan Chen, Adam Rippon Win Gold And Silver, Qualify For Grand Prix Final At Skate America (Team USA/November 25)
ARTICLE: Chen, Rippon Set Personal Bests In Skate America Short Program With Eyes On The Olympics (Team USA/November 24)
ARTICLE: Q&A with Adam Rippon (NBC Olympics/November 13)
ARTICLE: Adam Rippon shows off singing ability at Grand Prix exhibition (NBC Olympics/November 13)
PHOTO: Adam wins silver medal at NHK Trophy on his 28th birthday and shares a message (Instagram/November 11)
VIDEO: Meet Adam Rippon – Unapologetically Himself (U.S. Figure Skating YouTube/November 9)
PHOTO: Adam shows off his knitted mittens after finishing 3rd at Finlandia Trophy (Instagram/October 7)
PHOTO GALLERY: 2017 Finlandia Trophy by Antti Lehto: [Short Program/Oct. 6] and [Free Skate/Oct. 7]
PODCAST: IceNetwork’s Ice Talk Episode 44 (IceNetwork/early October)
PHOTO SHOOT: Team USA Media Summit in Park City, Utah (Getty Images/September 25)
VIDEO: Adam Rippon on being viewed differently [clip from Team USA media summit (Nexstar Digital/filmed ~September 25)
PHOTO: Us Weekly film shoot (Instagram/September 25)
VIDEO: Working with Benji Schwimmer on choreography (Instagram/July 14)
ARTICLE: Adam Rippon: When I Came Out Is When I Started To Own Who I Am As A Person (Team USA/June 29) – excerpt below:

“Being gay isn’t what defines me, but it’s a big part of who I am and I like to talk about my coming out because that’s when I started to own who I was as a person,” said Rippon, who spoke to TeamUSA.org on the topic in honor of June’s LGBTQ Pride Month. “That’s what’s important, not the being gay part but at some point — gay or straight — you need to own who you are. You can’t be afraid of who you are or else you’re afraid of your own potential, and if you don’t own who you are then you can’t grow.

VIDEO: Catching Up with Team USA’s Adam Rippon (U.S. Figure Skating YouTube/June 19)
BLOG REVIEW+VIDEO: Adam’s performance to Josef Salvat’s cover of “Diamonds” at Ice Theatre of New York show (All Things Digital Marketing Blog/June 9)
ARTICLE: Ice Theatre of New York’s ‘Unplugged’ show to honor, feature 2016 U.S. Champion Adam Rippon (Figure Skaters Online/June 2)
Q&A ARTICLE: #JacksonFamily Interviews ft Adam Rippon (Jackson Ultima/May 5)
ARTICLE: Stars on Ice, including Scranton native and US champ, are coming to Hershey’s Giant Center (PennLive.com/May 3)
ARTICLE: Adam Rippon discusses skating, coming out, future (Windy City Times/May 2)
PHOTO: Adam attends Figure Skating in Harlem’s 20th Anniversary Champions In Life Benefit Gala in New York City(Getty Images/May 2)
PHOTO GALLERY: Team USA/NBC Olympics promotional photo shoot in West Hollywood, California (Team USA+NBC Olympics/April 28)
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Adam shared a personal message on his Twitter account following his injury withdrawal today, January 9th, from next week’s U.S. Championships in Kansas City, which would have been his 9th consecutive nationals at the senior level (his words are copied out in full below):

On Friday [1/6/17], before my morning practice while warming up for my first session, I broke my foot. I was doing something that I do everyday, just a few hops in place with Rafael [Arutyunyan, coach] watching. I came down funny on my left foot, heard a crunch, and knew right away that I had broken it.
This injury is not career ending. It’s very low on the spectrum of severity of injuries people have come back from. I have a sprained ankle and a fracture of the fifth metatarsal. At this point, after initial X-rays and MRI, it looks as though I do not need surgery. I will have follow up images done 4 weeks from now to check on my progress and make sure I am on the right track to recovery. I am expected to be off the ice for the next 8-12 weeks.
I am planning on taking my recovery to the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. I feel incredibly lucky to have the USOC’s support right now.
I hope that you won’t forget about me and what I’ve done this season. I feel like I have made some pretty big strides and have been coming into my own as a professional athlete (technically amateur ;)). That being said I don’t plan on taking this lying down which is ironically exactly what I am doing now. I will use this as a chance for me to rehab. smaller injuries that have been bothering me, work on my flexibility, work on my conditioning. I mean, I’m only hurt from the left ankle down. There is much I can work on and improve while being off the ice.
You can mark my words, I will not only come back from this, I have laser focus to be much better because of this. When I was sitting on the bench near the rink immediately after I broke my foot, my first thought was “This is my story. I will be at the Olympics.” I am positive and optimistic because I’ve refused to give myself another option. I have always grown from situations others might see as a setback and this will be no different. I will grow, push forward, and use this to be the best version of myself as an athlete in 12 months time at the 2018 US Championships and the 2018 Olympic Winter Games.
I am sad and disappointed that I don’t have the wherewithal to be on the ice in Kansas City or the opportunity to defend my national title. But, I will be okay. USFS has a campaign called “Get Up” and that’s exactly what I will do. I will get up because that is who I am and that’s what champions do.

Adam is quoted in U.S. Figure Skating’s press release as follows: “Despite breaking my foot in a fluke accident off the ice, I am determined to grow from this and come back even stronger. I will use this as an opportunity to improve so that I can be fully prepared for next season and be at my very best to compete for a spot at the 2018 Olympic Games.”

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